Federation Europeenne du Cheval de Trait pour la promotion de son Utilisation (FECTU)

The Fédération Européenne du Cheval de Trait pour la promotion de son Utilisation (FECTU) was established in 2003 in Luxembourg by seven draught animal organizations representing European countries. The association aims to encourage cooperation between those European organizations involved in the promotion and advancement of the working heavy horse (and other draught animals), and to collectively represent those organizations and to promote and look after their common interests without compromising the autonomy or special interests of any member organization. FECTU will also participate in the preservation of the common European draught animal heritage, and in the promotion of both working and leisure use of these animals, paying particular attention to sound working practices with regard to animals and the humans involved, and the environment. The association supports any initiatives undertaken by member societies which seek to encourage and make better use of draught animals and which ensure high standards of welfare for those animals.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Luxembourg
Area Europe
Head Joao Rodrigues
Focal Point title Engineer
Focal Point Nanna Aggerholm Larsen
Alternate Focal Point Matthias Penner
Address 21, rue principale. L-7475 Schoos, Luxemborg
Telephone 004526367549
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Website https://www.fectu.org/
Electoral Group Europe Major Groups
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