ProClima is a programme that certifies and registers greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects for agroforestry, transportation, waste and energy sectors at the international level, seeking to enhance the growth of climate change mitigation projects. ProClima develops carbon standards and quantification methodologies, incorporating best practices and ensuring regulatory compliance during projects’ registration and certification process. ProClima seeks to participates in joint initiatives that can stimulate actions that favour the conservation of the world's mountain ecosystems and the quality of life of their populations. From the programme, ProClima developed the methodology "Quantification of the reduction of GHG emissions or removals of sectoral projects for GHG mitigation: Activities that prevent the change of land use in high mountain ecosystems." It establishes procedures, models, parameters and data to quantify the reduction of GHG emissions that are attributable to activities that prevent the change of land use in páramo ecosystems.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Colombia
Area South America
Head Ángela Duque Villegas
Focal Point title Institutional Affairs Coordinator
Focal Point Adriana Reina Quintero
Alternate Focal Point title CEO
Alternate Focal Point Ángela Duque Villegas
Address AK 7 # 67 - 02 Oficina 303
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group South America Major Groups
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