The Tatra Museum

The Tatra Museum is a network of museums that include a range of ethnographic artifacts, natural history specimens, and artwork in relation to the Tatra Mountains and cultural heritage of Podhale. The Museum consists of 11 branches located in Zakopane and in neighbouring villages: the main building, the Gallery of Art at Oksza Villa, the Władysław Hasior Gallery, the Kornel Makuszyński Museum, the Gallery of Art in Koziniec, the Museum of the 1846 Uprising in Chochołów, Łopuszna Manor, the Sołys Croft and the Korkosz Croft. The Tatra Museum represents a legacy of a fierce love for the natural beauty of the Tatra Mountains and a fascination with the culture of Zakopane.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Poland
Area Europe
Geographic focus of work The Tatra Mountains
Specific Region(s) Podhale and Spisz Regions
Head Anna Wende-Surmiak
Focal Point title Coordinator for international cooperation
Focal Point Emilia Pomiankiewicz-Wagner
Alternate Focal Point title Event planner
Alternate Focal Point Magdalena Weglarz
Address Droga na Koziniec 8, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland
Telephone 0048182015205
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Europe Major Groups
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