Emebet Commercial Beekeeping for Environment PLC

Emebet Commercial Beekeeping for Environment PLC (ECBE) is based in Ethiopia’s southwestern Afromontane Region in the Majang Zone, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Gambela Region hosting natural and native ecosystems, home to a number of indigenous highland trees and flora, particularly conducive for bees and for honey production. ECBE specifically works with Majang honey collectors who live in the buffer zones and edges of these forests. The demand for natural products and the expansion of commercial farm investments are eroding these natural forests seriously impacting the livelihoods of Majang people. Together with the Majang community, ECBE aims to support the preservation of the biodiversity of bees and their ecosystems.


Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Ethiopia
Area Sub-Saharan Africa
Specific Region(s) Gambella region, Majang zone
Head Emebet Dejene
Focal Point title Managing Director
Focal Point Emebet Dejene
Alternate Focal Point title Project coordinator
Alternate Focal Point Elias Dejene
Address Akaki Kaliti sub-city, Woreda 4, house nr. 1105, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Website https://majanghoney.com/
Electoral Group Sub-Saharan Africa Major Groups
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