Fundación CoMunidad (Panama)

The Fundacion CoMunidad is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 in Panama City, Panama.

It is a collective vision of cooperation, which was conceived as an approach to manage the sustainable development with a cross and interdisciplinary approach.
Works on the interactions of the social and cultural, environmental, economic aspects through specific projects and actions. Interventions are focusing on urban and rural environments.

The logo of our foundation, reflects our commitment to initiatives that achieve overall interaction with the elements, connoting the idea that the environment, humans and the world, form a single concept where there is a deep connection between the socio-cultural, economic and natural. We communicate and reinforce the concept of sustainability, as this world interacts with all these elements in a system that must be kept in balance.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Panama
Area North and Central America and the Caribbean
Geographic focus of work Panama
Head Alberto Pascual
Head title M.Sc.
Focal Point Alberto Pascual
Address Altos del Chase, Street 74F; Level 1E. Betania, Panama City, Panama
Telephone 005072605238
Fax 005072702901
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group North & Central America and the Caribbean Major Groups
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