Mountain Education Database

Connecting students and professionals with academic institutions offering mountain courses

Universities around the world offer many courses dealing with mountain issues, but with so much information available on the web it can be hard to choose the most suitable one. The mountain education database allows users to compare vastly different course offerings from around the world across fields including geography, geology, engineering and the social sciences, among others.

Tailored to the needs of mountain communities, experts, scientists, researchers and  entrepreneurs, the database is a capacity development portal that offers a wide range of learning opportunities, from free online courses to bachelor's and master's degrees. Some of the courses listed are from Mountain Partnership member institutions located in mountainous regions, while others are from major universities that offer relevant courses as part of a broader selection.

The mountain education database is constantly updated, but please do not hesitate to contact the Mountain Partnership Secretariat in order to suggest new courses or add information about courses that are already present in the database.

Contact: [email protected]

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