Plateau Perspectives documentary showing on TV


A documentary film about the Mountain Partnership member Plateau Perspectives’ work in the Sanjiangyuan Region of China is now showing on the television network Hong Kong Television. Developed over the last few years, the 24-minute video presents the rich experiences and the beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of the Tibetan Plateau. It introduces the committed volunteers of Plateau Perspectives who have devoted themselves to environmental conservation and community development in the Sanjiangyuan Region in Qinghai Province, China since 1998.

Plateau Perspectives, a Canadian non-profit organization established in 1998, was established to protect the ecology of the Tibetan Plateau and improve the well-being of local communities. The film sought to record the volunteers of Plateau Perspectives and their daily lives, work and relationships with the local residents. In the creation of this video, the soul and nature of their work are captured, combined with visuals of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. A multi-perspective analysis is presented, striving to give audiences a strong sensory experience and deep visual enjoyment.

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