Innovation for mountains


The International conference on “Mountains: Cultures, Landscapes and Biodiversity at Western Caspian University in Baku, Azerbaijan highlighted innovative solutions to problems that are increasingly threatening the world’s most impressive mountainous regions.

Organised by the Western Caspian University in collaboration with the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), the three-day conference brought together academics, environmentalists, biologists, tourism experts and other interested professionals from over 30 countries and 12 international organizations.

Rosalaura Romeo, Programme Officer at the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, was on the panel alongside several other keynote speakers that addressed the main challenges that mountain ecosystems face: the degradation of ecosystems, ecology and biodiversity, anthropogenic impact on mountain landscapes and the lack of preservation of mountain communities and culture.

An open discussion with participants allowed the audience, in particular, youth, a chance to voice their opinions and receive feedback from experts in the field. 

All speakers noted with high appreciation the presence and engagement of university students, “it is great to see so many committed students:  mountains are crucial for the wellbeing of mankind and of the planet and it is essential to involve the young generation in promoting the sustainable development of mountains” said Rosalaura Romeo.

The conference concluded with a field trip to the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan where participants had the opportunity to experience local culture, visit villages and observe the biodiversity and geology of the region.

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Photo by Western Caspian University

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