Three quarters of the Alpine glaciers could melt by 2100, says study by Nature Geoscience


According to two studies published by the review Nature Geoscience, the 75 percent of the Alpine glaciers could disappear by the end of 2100 and a rise of several metres in sea level could be produced by 3000, due to the global warming. According to a study carried out by two researchers of the Alaska University, glaciers could lose from 21 to 26 percent of their volume by 2100 and Alpine glaciers are particularly at risks, followed by those in New Zealand. Ice losses on such a scale may have substantial impacts on regional hydrology and water availability. A long-term worrying scenario is forecasted in another study published by the prestigious review and produced by the University of Calgary, in Canada. According to this study, if a consistent dissolution of the West Antarctica will happen in the next centuries, the melted waters are likely to bring to a rise in sea level of several metres by 3000.

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