Women Move Mountains photo contest opens


The theme of the International Mountain Day 2022 photo contest launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on 25 October is "Women move mountains".

Women play a key role in environmental protection and social and economic development in mountain areas. They are often the primary managers of mountain resources, guardians of biodiversity, keepers of traditional knowledge, custodians of local culture and experts in traditional medicine.

As farmers, market sellers, businesswomen, artisans, entrepreneurs and community leaders, mountain women and girls, in particular in rural areas, have the potential to be major agents of change. When rural women have access to resources, services and opportunities, they become a driving force against hunger, malnutrition and rural poverty and are active in the development of mountain economies.

International Mountain Day 2022 is an opportunity to raise awareness about the need to empower mountain women so they can participate effectively in decision-making processes and have equal opportunities and control over productive resources.

By sharing excellence, opportunities and capacity development in mountains, the Day can promote gender equality and therefore contribute to improve social justice, livelihoods and resilience.

Help raise awareness of the key role of women in mountain areas by entering the photo contest ahead of International Mountain Day (11 December). Submit up to three pictures of women or girls in a mountain location such as a village, trail, market, landscape, site of cultural heritage, or mountain community. The prize for the winner will be an action camera.

The deadline for entries is 25 November 2021 (12.00 CET).

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