New Adaptation at Altitude documentary highlights the crucial role of mountains in our world


The Adaptation at Altitude team has released a short documentary that explains the global team's mission and motivation for addressing adaptation issues in the mountains. Through interviews with renowned experts, the documentary highlights the urgent need to recognize the crucial role of mountains in our world. Featuring diverse voices from partner organizations, the documentary stresses the importance of collaborative efforts to address the escalating impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystems.

The documentary sheds light on the diverse challenges faced by mountain environments, including rapidly disappearing glaciers and unprecedented risks to communities. It underscores the necessity for informed decision-making and integrated policy action to enhance mountain communities' resilience to climate change. Adaptation at Altitude aims to bridge the gap between science and policy-making, offering hope through collaborative endeavours. As the documentary emphasizes, mountains – home to a significant portion of the global population and providers of freshwater sources for billions – require increased attention and united action from all stakeholders.

The film was produced by Zoï Environment Network, in collaboration with Juliette Menthonnex (director), Nikita Merlini (co-director) and Théodora Menthonnex (sound) from the collectif Mercuriales, Lausanne

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