Mountain Partnership members approve new four-year strategy


Members of the Mountain Partnership have approved a new four-year strategy at the Fourth Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership (MP) in Erzurum, Turkey. The strategy, which will be implemented from 2014 to 2017 by governments and civil society groups that belong to the MP, is expected to step up sustainable mountain development (SMD) across the world.

“I am delighted that members have agreed on a strategy that will strengthen the potential of the Mountain Partnership,” said Thomas Hofer, interim coordinator of the MP Secretariat. “Members can now turn their attention to formulating a comprehensive workplan for the next two years during the rest of the meeting.”

The strategy was developed through a participatory process that saw the efforts of a vast number of members.

More than 100 of the 212 MP Members are attending the four-day meeting, which includes a number of parallel meetings, side events and a Members’ fair to encourage coordinated joint and regional SMD efforts.

The most recent global meeting was held on the sidelines of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 summit in June 2012, following two previous global meetings of members in Cusco, Peru, in 2004 and in Merano, Italy, in 2003.

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