Tree planting in mountain villages in India


Go Green Go Organic will commence the third phase of its Go Green Go Organic campaign at Probrang Village near Pengong Lake in India’s mountainous Ladakh region on 28 April 2015.

Residents from 20 villages will participate in the campaign. Activities will be underway on 1 May 2015 (Labour Day), when villagers will plant willow trees, sea buckthorn, grasses and bushes in the areas surrounding their villages.

Go Green Go Organic has purchased some of the seeds/nursery plants for the campaign but is also dependent on the kind and generous support provided by donors. At present, the following donations been pledged for the third phase of the campaign:

  • The Phyang Monastery will donate 500-700 willow trees;
  • The Mathol Monastery will donate 200 trees;
  • The Saphul Kalung family will donate 200 trees;
  • The Leh Kalung family will donate more than 300 trees; and
  • The Indian Government Forest Department will donate 3 000 trees.

Additionally, Go Green Go Organic is donating 100 bags of potatoes seeds to be planted in Durbuk Village. The new seeds come from the Himachal Pradesh region.

To increase the social-economic benefits to the mountain area, Go Green Go Organic is working with the villagers to produce organic products. The products currently being worked on are manure fertilizer, dried nettles and incense products.

The Go Green & Go Organic project was established by His Holiness the 37th Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang in Dehradun, India. A new member of the Mountain Partnership, the  organization’s main purpose is to revive the Himalayan and Tibetan  Cultures, and to protect the nature, animals, birds and environment of the Himalayan Mountains. 

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