Standard for biodiversity management open for public consultation


ProClima and South Pole are joining forces to provide tools for biodiversity management that will be applicable to the conservation of mountain ecosystems. They invite Mountain Partnership members to participate in the public consultation of their “Standard for the certification and registration of biodiversity conservation initiatives: Nature-based solutions for quantifying net gains.”

A recent addition to the Mountain Partnership, ProClima is a programme that certifies and registers greenhouse gas mitigation and biodiversity conservation projects for forestry, transportation, waste and energy sectors at international level, promoting low-carbon growth by incorporating best practices and ensuring regulatory compliance. ProClima also developed a set of methodologies and interim procedures that safeguard the quality and sense of responsibility that climate change and biodiversity conservation measures deserve.

The biodiversity standard ProClima has developed with South Pole is designed to certify and register initiatives that contribute to preserving and restoring ecosystems, ensuring compliance with national and international policies related to biodiversity and sustainable use, without neglecting ecosystem services. The objectives of the standard are to:

  • establish principles and practices that shall be complied with by holders of biodiversity conservation initiatives in order to obtain certification and registration with ProClima;
  • define the requirements to be taken into account by the holders of biodiversity conservation initiatives to implement plans, programmes, projects, actions or activities that allow quantifying net gains in biodiversity;
  • provide criteria and requirements for quantifying net biodiversity gains;
  • provide the necessary conditions to ensure the data quality in the quantification and management of biodiversity credits;
  • promote the compliance of biodiversity conservation initiatives with the rules and procedures that apply to their certification and registration; and
  • ensure the overall effectiveness and integrity of the ProClima programme.

The biodiversity standard is available in English and Spanish. Comments from interested parties will be received through 23 June 2021. Please send your comments to [email protected].

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Photo: ©Paola Andrea Cipagauta Sierra

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