CEE Himalaya trains teachers on DRR


Throughout April 2018, the Centre for Environment Education (CEE Himalaya) and RCE Srinagar, with financial support from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Give2Asia, organized four teacher training workshops (TTW) on disaster risk reduction (DRR) preparedness for the teachers of the Jarwal Block, situated in the Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Teachers from across the flood-prone district participated in the workshops, which consisted of presentations, activities and lectures. Divided into three sessions, the TTW focused on educating teachers on disasters and giving training on DRR preparedness in schools and villages.

CEE Himalaya and RCE Srinagar organized four teacher training workshops on disaster risk reduction throughout April 2018.A focus of one of the sessions was the role of teachers and schools in achieving a disaster-resilient, climate-smart and sustainable community. Participants were educated on various natural hazards; what to do before, during and after a disaster; the national and Uttar Pradesh state disaster management acts; and the Sendai Framework for DRR. As floods are the most common disaster in the area, teachers were briefed on how to prepare for floods in order to minimize the loss of property and lives.

Another session focused on training teachers to create and submit school disaster management plans (SDMPs) and village contingency plans (VCPs), with the latter involving those from the village, especially youth.
A final session centred on water, sanitation and hygiene issues, such as health problems due to the limited availability of clean water as a result of contamination. Teachers were educated on the benefits of proper sanitation and maintaining good hygiene in schools, homes and villages.

Feedback on the workshops was positive. Teachers found them interesting and helpful and requested more trainings in the future. In particular, there was keen interest on learning about the procedures for creating SDMPs and VCPs.

This project, originally proposed for 35 schools and 20 villages in the Jarwal Block, has now been extended by CEE Himalaya, with the aim to reach all 234 government primary schools in the Jarwal Block and to eventually bring it to all districts within Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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