Pre-COP26 event addresses climate impacts on Alpine environments


Leading international scientists and experts addressed the severe impact of extreme climate events and pests on Alpine environments, and how forest management solutions can promote climate adaptation during the Pre-COP26 event “Towards climate-smart Alpine forests”.

Organized by JSC Mountain together with the British Embassy in Italy and Land Tirol, the event was conducted within the Pre-COP26 programme in Milan, Italy in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021.

Speakers from leading institutions – including the European Commission, University of Innsbruck, University of Milan and more – debated on cutting-edge forestry management and scientific research, and on how the pricing of ecosystem services and innovative technologies can contribute to increasing the adaptation and resilience of mountain forests.

In her presentation on building resilient mountains and mountain food systems, Mountain Partnership Secretariat Programme Officer Rosalaura Romeo focused on the importance of sustainable mountain food systems for maintaining ecosystem services and promoting food security.

“Food insecurity, the marginalization of mountain people and mountain areas, land degradation and the COVID-19 pandemic are challenging mountain food systems. To ensure mountain people are not left behind from the pandemic, sustainable food systems in mountains must be supported and developed in an integrated manner,” said Romeo.

To build forward for better, stronger mountain food systems, she called for the protection of traditional and indigenous food systems and agrobiodiversity and the promotion of mountain products. To address climate impacts, mountains should be included in policies to create opportunities for climate-resilient crops and technologies.

She added that the inclusion of mountain communities, and in particular women and youth, in decision-making processes can help address land rights and tenure issues as well as promote inclusivity, equality and equity. Furthermore, a landscape perspective to manage food systems can protect the ecosystem services that mountains provide for upstream and downstream communities.

The Pre-COP26 is an opportunity for climate and energy ministers to discuss and exchange views on some key political aspects of the negotiations that will be addressed the Climate Change Conference in November, where presidents and prime ministers from around the world will be reporting back on progress since the Paris Agreement. 

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Photo by Jay on Unsplash

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