Residents participate in workshop, plant 300 trees in mountainous Kukhi village, Tajikistan


On 22-23 April 2022, the team of Little Earth – a Mountain Partnership member organization – implemented two events within the framework of the project “Renewable energy and remote mountain communities” project. They hosted a workshop on planting and caring for seedlings and furthermore planted 300 trees in the mountainous Kukhi village in the Voru region of Tajikistan.

The target group of the project is 20 representatives of the local community, half of whom are women. To provide the participants with professional expertise, the Little Earth has involved a local agronomist with extensive experience in field. During the two-day workshop, residents got acquainted with practical methods that will help them to green their village and maintain the planted trees. In particular, they learned how to choose endemic seedlings, how to choose the right site for planting, how to prepare the soil, how to water and prune young trees, and how to protect seedlings from diseases and pesticides, and much more.

The skills the participants learned in the workshop were then practiced in the field. The Little Earth provided the necessary equipment, including the seedlings, garden tools and other materials. The head of the village allocated a small plot of land near the river banks, partly on the communal lands, for the practical part of the seminar.

The day after the workshop, the project beneficiaries and other villagers planted around 300 seedlings of mixed tree species (60 percent fruit and 40 percent non-fruit). The trees planted were chosen taking into account the natural area and adaptability as well as the climate conditions of the village. All seedlings were purchased from the local tree nursery of the local Forestry Department.

Each of the project participants received 15 seedlings to plant, including willows, poplars, and different varieties of apple, pear, quince, apricot, and plum trees. Each seedling was fertilized organically and temporarily covered with a net to protect it from livestock. The agronomist monitored the planting process and provided the necessary guidance.

"Renewable energy and remote mountain communities" is implemented by the Little Earth with the support of the US Forest Service.

News and photo by Timur Idrisov and Anisa Abibullaeva, The Little Earth

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