MP member “The Porter Voice Collective” releases documentary on Inca Trail porters’ rights


A new documentary film by The Porter Voice Collective, a member of the Mountain Partnership, looks at the global trekking industry's impact on porters and examines challenges as well as opportunities to improve porters' working conditions.

The famous Inca Trail route in Peru reaches altitudes of up to 4 215 metres and takes four days to complete. The porters employed by tour operators each complete this journey many times per year. The documentary "Km 82″ features interviews with several porters and representatives of the Inca Trail Porter Federation, a porter's advocacy group, in an attempt to raise awareness of the issues faced by the porters, including among other things carrying heavy loads and a lack of access to medical attention in the field.

An advanced screening of "Km 82" will take place from 25 May through 4 June 2023, via the Matador Network. Alternatively, those interested can go to the Porter Voice Collective's website to register to view the film.

The Porter Voice Collective is a non-governmental organization run by lawyer and activist Marinel de Jesus. The organization advocates for the rights of porters on major trekking routes in Nepal and Peru. The group has set up a Km 82 film web page to answer questions about the film and the organization's mission.

Photo: ©Matt Soria

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