Mountain Access Seminar in Chile


The Government of Chile, the national committee for mountains in Chile with the support of the UN Environment, GEF project biological mountain corridors hosted the Seminario Acceso a las Montañas “Mountain Access Seminar”, on 3 August 2018. The Andes stretch along the eastern border of Chile; mountains are a part of the country’s identity. This seminar discussed the particularities and problems associated with the accessibility to mountains. Civil society representatives, public institutions and parliamentarians discussed initiatives associated with the theme.

The seminar discussed various proposals of new regulations, the responsibility of different actors and the accessibility and regulations that can implemented in Chile. In 2016, Chile launched a public consultation to involve citizens in shaping the government’s priorities as it developed a national public policy on sustainable mountain development. The current national public policy for sustainable development of mountains in Chile has six main objectives, and is based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Framework for Action of the Mountain Partnership. In particular, the first goal deals with being conscious, responsible and secure accessibility to the mountains.  

Approximately 200 participants attended the seminar. The Government of Chile also has a coordination role of the Andean initiative, an alliance of seven Andean countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela dedicated to transboundary cooperation in mountains.

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Photo by ©Carla Marchant


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