Call for grant applications, Mountain Facility


Mountain producers’ organizations and institutions engaged in the development of sustainable food systems in mountain areas are invited to apply for grants through the Mountain Facility, a financing mechanism operated by the Mountain Partnership (MP) to respond to members’ requests and needs with specific grants. 

Six broad thematic areas of work for funding have been defined: policy support and institutional strengthening, capacity-building, climate change adaptation and resilience building, natural resources management, strengthening of local economies and data collection and dissemination 

This first phase of the Mountain Facility aims to promote climate resilient business models based on mountain biodiversity and of sustainable local economies in mountain areas. It will target three of the six thematic areas of work described above: III) Climate change adaptation and resilience building, IV) Natural resources management and V) Strengthening of local economies.  

The purpose is to assist mountain innovative entrepreneurship in implementing their concrete and achievable business plans, to provide financial and technical capacity to cope with climate change effects and reduce livelihoods vulnerability. 

The investment support will be implemented as follows:

  • FAO contribution maximum USD 25 000 (maximum 65 percent of the proposal’s total budget);
  • Applicant’s cash contribution minimum 30 percent of the proposal’s total budget;
  • Total budget can include additional in-kind contribution maximum 5 percent of the proposal’s total budget. The total amount committed for this phase is USD 120 000, funded by the MP member Terra del Terzo Mondo Onlus.


This call for grant applications will prioritize proposals that: 

  • Promote mountain biodiversity and agrobiodiversity conservation through improved production, productivity, quality, clean technologies, processing, access to markets and value addition/creation;  

  • Promote mountain products based on native biodiversity and agroecological principles as a strategy for food security and food sovereignty;  

  • Promote fair value chains and social enterprises, strengthening local producers’ participation and governance; and/or 

  • Implement nature-based solutions, including reforestation and agroforestry practices, for climate change mitigation and adaptation in mountain ecosystems.  

Lead applicants for grants through the Mountain Facility must be members of the MP. However, lead applicants may partner with non-members for their project proposals. See the eligibility criteria in the manual for more information.  


Read the manual to submit an application to the Mountain Facility here.


Deadline for applications:15 August 2022 


Contact for more information: [email protected]   


Learn more about the Mountain Facility.


Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh/Pexels

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