Enrolment for online mountain course now open


Enrolment is open until 3 October for an online refresher course on “Mountain law: strategy, tools and governance” that will run from 10 October to 3 December. The course is jointly organized by Fondazione Montagne Italia, the Interdepartmental Centre Ge.S.Di.Mont. and the University of Milan’s Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, in line with the programme agreement between the Italian Ministry of Education and the University of Milan with the branch in Edolo (BS) - called "University of the Mountain", a centre for training and research on issues related to mountains.

“Mountain law: strategy, tools and governance” aims to train or provide additional training to professionals that:
• are familiar with the macro-strategies affecting mountain territories;
• have acquired a perspective on environmental issues in mountains;
• are familiar with the legal framework of mountain areas; and
• are familiar with the legal process for interpreting the laws governing mountains and the main legal bodies relative to mountains.

The course is intended for staff working in public administration who focus on mountain areas (park authorities and regional and provincial administration, as well as members of mountain communities and municipalities, etc.) and also staff of international organizations and local administrators.

The course will be conducted in Italian and held entirely online with the exception of the final lesson. It is necessary to have a computer equipped with a microphone and webcam, and a stable internet connection and broadband to connect to the virtual classroom.

Organization of course material:
The course is divided into the following topics:
• policies and strategies;
• the scheme of the mountain in Italian law;
• mountains in regional legislation;
• legal regime of the mountain in international law; and
• activities 'legal in the mountains.

To register, send an updated CV to [email protected] or by fax to +39 032 4760420 by 3 October 2016.

News and photo by University of Milan - GE.S.DI.MONT.

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