MP Ambassador Reinhold Messner

World renowned mountaineer, Reinhold Messner was appointed the first ambassador of Mountain Partnership in 2012. Throughout his life, Reinhold Messner has championed the cause of mountains around the world. His love and passion for protecting mountain environment and cultures has inspired him to establish pioneering museum dedicated to mountain cultures.

Reinhold Messner has been playing pivotal role in raising awareness about the importance of mountains for sustainable development. Starting with an exclusive message on mountains for the Mountain Partnership at Rio+20, the world famous climber has provided relentless support to global advocacy on mountains by through several initiatives such as documentaries, exhibitions, books etc aiming to educate people about remarkably diversity of mountain cultures and the urgent need to sustainably development the fragile ecosystems.

“I think each of us has different emotions meeting the mountains and we have to give to all the lovers of the mountains the possibility to have their own experiences when they approach mountains,” says Reinhold Messner.

About Reinhold Messner

Born in the Italian Alps, Messner becamse well-known mountaineer by successfully climbing all 14 of the world’s mountains that exceed an elevation of 8 000 metres. Starting at an early age, his love for reaching the heights of mountains took him to breathtaking adventures on all major mountain peaks of the world. A strong advocate of Alpine style of mountaineering, Messner has solo climbed some of the hardest peals peaks including in the Karakuram. He has documented his adventures in several books including an autobiography  inspiring  climbers across the globe. Currently, Messner spends most of his time at the Messner Mountain Museum in the Northern Italy.

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Messner (2012), Everest Unmasked (1978) and Portrait Werner Herzog (1986).


Free Spirit: A Climber’s Life 

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