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The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was a milestone for the political recognition of the unique services mountains provide to global sustainability. With the adoption of Chapter 13 on Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD), Agenda 21 demanded better stewardship of mountains and mountain regions for global well-being. Since then, an uncounted number of highly rewarding international and regional initiatives emerged, including the International Year of Mountains 2002 and the establishment of the Mountain Partnership, all contributing with success to enhancing knowledge and understanding of the issues and approaches of SMD. 

Now, 20 years on, the “call for action” to enhance the stewardship of mountains is more relevant and pressing than ever before. While Mountain Services are vital to achieving green growth, there are growing threats to their sustainable supply. The effects of climate change are observed to be highest in mountains, jeopardizing the sustainability of mountain ecosystems and the socio-ecological stability of these landscapes. Consequently, policy makers looking to deliver on their promises for human well-being and natural prosperity (“the future we want”), need to make Mountain Services a key priority for action in a post Rio+20 world.

The Mountain Partnership at Rio+20

Rio+20 is truly a mega event; attracting over 50,000 participants and more than 130 Heads of State, it represents an unmatched opportunity to put mountains, their populations and the goods and services they provide at centre stage.

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Key messages

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Mountain Pavilion

Together with key partners, the government of Peru, one of the first members of the Mountain Partnership, took the lead in the organization of a Mountain Pavilion at Rio+20. The Pavilion was conceived as a global initiative and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat mobilized members and mountain stakeholders from all regions of the world to showcase their work in contribution to sustainable development


Third Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership


The Mountain Partnership held its Third Global Meeting in the Mountain Pavilion to identify new, forward-looking objectives to place mountains at the heart of the post-Rio scenario in a holistic, inclusive and effective manner.





The water-energy-food nexus: why mountains matter


Together with the Government of Nepal and ICIMOD, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat has organized a side event on "The water-energy-food nexus: why mountains matter". The side event will...

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Third Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership at Rio+20!


The third Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership will take place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on Monday, 18 June 2012, on the sidelines of the UNCSD Rio+20 summit.

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Meetings of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat in New York


From 14 to 16 December 2011, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat participated in meetings in New York looking to forge a common understanding on including mountain development in the UN Conference...

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World Water Day 2012: Water, mountains' "blue gold"


It’s our planet’s most precious resource and our cities our powered by it: it’s water! And water comes from mountains.  It flows from the watersheds at higher altitudes creating life...

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Amendments to para 94 of the "Zero Draft" now online!


Recognizing the importance of civil society, the Rio+20 Bureau’s co-chair Ambassador Kim invited Major Groups to submit their amendments to the Rio+20 "Zero draft" outcome at the Bureau meeting with...

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Zero-draft for Rio+20 – paragraph n. 94 on mountains


The zero-draft of the outcome document for Rio+20 Conference is now online with a paragraph (n. 94) dedicated to mountains. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Conference will...

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