Mountain Day is an event organized each year during the Conference of the Parties (CoP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The aims of the Day are to:

bring attention to the vulnerability of mountain ecosystems and mountain people to climate change impacts and discuss the options for adaptation and resilience building;
promote better understanding of the role played by mountain ecosystems in providing and protecting resources such as water, food, energy and biodiversity;
share knowledge regarding mountains and climate change and innovative ideas about adaptation options from different regions;
debate scientific gaps and policy actions needed by bringing together global mountain stakeholders at a single forum;
provide appropriate options and solutions to UNFCCC negotiators on adaptation and mitigation actions to climate change in mountain areas.

Mountain Day is an opportunity to build consensus
and develop a common position among mountain stakeholders regarding mountain-specific climate change issues and solutions. By sending out a strong message to UNFCCC negotiators and policy makers, it aims to ensure that mountains become a priority in the global climate agenda.

So far there have been two Mountain Days:

Mountain Day 1 (Durban, South Africa, 2011)
Mountain Day 2 (Doha, Qatar, 2012)

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