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Mountain Partnership Secretariat at FAO
The Mountain Partnership is a voluntary alliance of nearly 300 members including countries, intergovernmental and civil society organizations working together to achieve sustainable mountain development worldwide. It is supported by a global Secretariat, hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which assists members to develop collaborative activities in a wide range of thematic areas in many mountain regions throughout the world




University of Torino - Dept. of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences  (DiSAFA)
The University of Torino was founded in 1404. At present, the University has about 70.000 students, 1.300 professors and about 800 researchers. The campus of DiSAFA is located in Grugliasco, close to Torino, and it carries on relevant research projects, with the support of advanced research and experimental facilities such as labs, experimental fields, greenhouses, the high altitude lab for snow and Alpine soil research (LNSA) at Col d'Olen-Monte Rosa, managed by DiSAFA. The department cooperates with many international research centres, universities, governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Tuscia University                                                              Established in 1979, the Tuscia University is an Italian state university located in Viterbo, that offers a wide range of curricula with a common focus on ecology and environmental issues. Many of its courses are dedicated to the understanding, preservation and restoration of forestry heritage and natural ecosystems in general. The Tuscia University is also a forefront research university, with projects mostly focused on agriculture, animal husbandry, ecology and renewable energy. 


Part of the Tuscia University is also the Alpine Research Centre, which has its headquarters in the province of Trento.

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