Papua New Guinea: First National Forest Inventory and Biodiversity Survey

National Forest Inventory workshop (14-20 May 2018)

Workshop and monitoring (6-12 February 2017)

European Union National Forest Inventory inception workshop (30 April 2015)

Biodiversity workshop (8-10 October 2014)

National Forest Inventory workshop (20-22 May 2014)

Biodiversity for REDD+

Photo: FAO/Giorgio Grussu

Papua New Guinea is embarking on its first multi-purpose National Forest Inventory (NFI) under the arrangements for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD)+ in the framework of the pursuits of the UN Convention on Climate Change.

The inventory, which will be a key component of PNG’s first Forest Monitoring System, will include not only activities for measuring timber volume and estimating carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions but also, significantly, a protocol for the first survey and monitoring of the nation’s forest biodiversity.
The Mountain Partnership Secretariat has been supporting PNG’s Forest Authority to integrate the NFI design with an appropriate methodology to assess forest biodiversity at national scale.

The combined inventory will make it possible to assess the trade-offs between protecting biodiversity and reducing emissions. The aim is to maximize both objectives and to reduce the risk of an unsustainable use of forest resources, which undermines the resilience of forests and, in turn, their capacity to provide the goods and services that humans require.

The data produced by Papua New Guinea’s NFI will be instrumental in developing sound government policies to sustainably manage the nation’s biodiverse forest heritage, on which most of the nation’s population depends for its livelihoods and food.


Vertebrate Biodiversity Methodology

Laboratory manual for collecting and processing plant species

Practical field guide

Field data form

Invertebrate Biodiversity Methodology - BRC proposal *The Methodology for Faunal Biodiversity Assessment: Insects manual for the Papua New Guinea National Forest Inventory has been developed by the New Guinea Binatang Research Center in the framework of the Forest Inventory and Biodiversity Survey.

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