Coalition of Fragile Ecosystems (CoFE)


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The Coalition of Fragile Ecosystems (CoFE) is a new global alliance of vulnerable communities living in fragile ecosystems that advocates globally for the protection of mountain and island ecosystems and the resilience of their populations.

Founded in 2017 by the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) and the Mountain Partnership (MP) during the fifth MP Global Meeting in Rome, CoFE is a mechanism intended to speed up progress on the achievement of the 2030 Agenda in fragile ecosystems by raising global attention and prompting tangible commitments and activities.

This alliance builds up on the strong network of the MP and GLISPA, which is represented in over 100 countries and includes more than 60 governments and 330 major groups as partners. CoFE welcomes committed partners and sponsors who support the fragile ecosystems of the world and their sustainable development.



To promote wide attention, political commitment and investments for improving the livelihoods of the communities living in fragile ecosystems and ensuring the protection of their environments.



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Sustainable food & tourism as a pathway for the conservation and use of fragile ecosystems:

By 2030, CoFE aims to create an international network of fragile ecosystems’ sustainable tourism destinations with sustainable food systems at its heart. The goal is to contribute to improving the livelihoods of the local communities through:

  • job creation
  • inclusive social integration
  • protection of natural and cultural heritage
  • biodiversity conservation

The CoFE works with small-holder farmers, cooperatives, businesses, tour operators and institutions promoting sustainable tourism – focusing on preserving biodiversity, agrobiodiversity, cultural heritage and local gastronomy.

The first demonstration project of the CoFE was launched in 2018 in the Philippines, in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism and Slow Food. The project will connect small-scale producers with tourism service providers, help promote high-quality mountain products, and allow visitors to discover and support unique biodiversity while safeguarding indigenous foods and boosting the local economy.


Why Join

Mountains and islands share common features that make them valuable to the global community:

  • high rates of biodiversity
  • important tourism destinations
  • high quality traditional products, from food to textiles
  • diverse cultural values

Combined, these fragile ecosystems make up 30 percent of earth's surface area, and are home to 23 percent of the world’s population.




Mountains and islands are among the most vulnerable ecosystems to external factors such as climate change, natural disasters and human activities, such as tourism and agriculture. It is crucial to safeguard fragile ecosystems in order to protect our planet. Join us in the global movement to show that mountains and islands are among the most valuable, yet most vulnerable areas of our planet. Together we can save the future of these ecosystems and their communities — from peak to shore.



View the official CoFE website

Contact: Giorgio Grussu, MP [email protected]; Kate Brown, GLISPA [email protected]






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