Resource Mobilization

The Mountain Partnership members share a vision: a world in which sustainable mountain development receives greater public and private sector attention, commitment, engagement and investment.

The Mountain Partnership Secretariat does not fund directly the activities of members. The main responsibility for accessing funds (e.g. preparing and presenting funding proposals) and fund raising will lie with members themselves.  

However, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat recognizes that the need to identify financial resources to support activities is crucial. It provides members with information about the availability of funds for mountain activities from all possible sources on an on-going basis. The MPS stands ready to broker any resource mobilization request or proposal, facilitating contacts between countries and institutions and creating conditions for partnerships.  The MPS also aims to create an enabling environment for technology transfer and South-South Cooperation mechanisms.  

The MPS has produced a resource mobilization strategy and guide intended to assist MP members in mobilizing resources, in allocating these resources for agreed priorities of work and in managing and reporting on their use. It has also created a concise “Mobilizing Resources for mountain peoples and environment proposal” as well as separate proposals on the Mountain Facility, the Mountain Secretariat and the Mapping Mountain Vulnerability study. The MPS can also provide specific material and presentations on request. 

The funding database aims to support resource mobilization efforts of MP members by helping them locate global and local funding sources which are relevant to sustainable mountain development.

The web tool seeks to provide up-to-date information on potential resource partners particularly focusing on priority areas, funding modalities, eligibility criteria and contact information. It allows members to use search filters to efficiently locate funds based on geographical scope and thematic focus. It is constantly updated.

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