Peak to Peak

Mountain Biodiversity Matters: FAO's high-level event to mark International Mountain Day


The December 2020 issue of Peak to Peak announces FAO's online celebration of International Mountain Day. This month's Members' Voices is a Mountain Partnership Products producer story about baby mountain yak wool insulating livelihoods in Mongolia. Peak to Peak December brings to you four top news stories from the past month highlighting agents of change and coming together for action mountains. This month's issue also shares a video about the mountain biodiversity webinar held by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat on 19 October 2020. Many MP events are coming up this month, including International Mountain Day events around the world and info sessions on the IPCC and the expert review process to be conducted by the Mountain Research Initiative. Building on last month's newsletter, another "Tales of Mountain Biodiversity" story from China is showcased in this issue. Happy reading!

Themes: Biodiversity

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