Peak to Peak

IMD 2021 to focus on sustainable mountain tourism


The March 2021 issue of Peak to Peak announces this year's International Mountain Day theme of sustainable mountain tourism. This month, the 'Members' Voices' section highlights the story of a Mountain Partnership Product, Ulikan red rice, which is grown in the Philippine Cordillera. Top news stories from March focus on trainings for implementing participatory guarantee systems, a save-the-date for the firstever Spanish-language IPROMO course, medical centres in the Indian Himalayas being electrified with solar power, and a symposium on high mountain biodiversity in the Andes. Peak to Peak continues with a look at upcoming events in March and April, a featured video and publication, and a tale of mountain biodiversity submitted as part of the 2020 International Mountain Day campaign. Happy reading!

Themes: GenderIndigenous PeoplesMountain productsRenewable energySustainable tourismTraditional knowledge

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