Mountain agriculture: Opportunities for harnessing Zero Hunger in Asia


Around 300 million mountain people are food insecure, with half of them suffering from chronic hunger. Yet, mountain agriculture offers enormous opportunities for zero hunger. This comprehensive publication conveys priority and entry points to turn the potential of mountain agriculture into real benefits for the Asian region. The publication provides analysis with evidence on how mountain agriculture could contribute to satisfying all four dimensions of food security, to transform food systems to be nutrition sensitive, climate resilient, economically viable and locally adaptable. From this food system perspective, the priority should be given to focus on specialty mountain product identification (e.g. Future Smart Food), production, processing, marketing and consumption, which would effectively expose the potential of mountain agriculture to contribute to zero hunger and poverty reduction. In addition, eight Asian country case studies not only identify context-specific challenges within biophysical-technical, policy, socioeconomic and institutional dimensions, but also demonstrate their experience in mountain agricultural product prioritization, production, processing and market development.


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Author Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Themes: AgricultureBiodiversidadSeguridad alimentariaLas poblaciones autóctonasMountain productsConocimientos Tradicionales

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