Mountain farming systems – seeds for the future


This publication presents a collection of case studies by Mountain Partnership (MP) members from around the world, highlighting experiences of agroecological mountain farming systems. It aims to increase attention toward agroecological principles and approaches and showcase their potential. The MP, the only United Nations global voluntary alliance dedicated to sustainable mountain development, is fully committed to promoting actions that can improve the resilience of mountain people and environments. In mountains, the practice of agroecology and the conservation of agrobiodiversity results in more resilient agricultural and food systems. Sustainable mountain farming systems can drive progress towards reducing rural poverty, contributing to zero hunger, and ensuring the resilience of mountain communities while maintaining the provision of global ecosystem services, especially those related to water. Food security in mountains is a matter of concern. Through adequate and coordinated pro-mountain policies, investments, capacity development, services, and infrastructures, as well as efforts to provide smallholders and family farmers with access to innovation, mountain farming systems have the potential to become pathways for change. In doing so, they can provide valuable support and impetus to the transition to sustainable food systems, contributing to revitalizing rural areas and lifting mountain peoples out of poverty and hunger, while protecting fragile mountain environments for the future.

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Romeo, R., Manuelli, S.R., Geringer, M. and Barchiesi, V. (eds) 2021. Mountain farming systems – Seeds for the future. Sustainable agricultural practices for resilient mountain livelihoods. Rome, FAO. 

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Author Romeo, R., Manuelli, S., Geringer, M., Barchiesi, V. (eds)
Publisher FAO
Publication year 2021
Language English

Themes: Agriculture

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