Expo 2020 Dubai Climate and Biodiversity Theme Week Insights


From October 2021 to March 2022, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought more than 200 nations and organizations together to chart a course forward for a cleaner, safer and healthier future for all. Designed in conjunction with 192 nations and adopted by the UAE Cabinet, the Programme for People and Planet catalysed global action and impact and ensured that everyone, from government and business to individuals, had a seat at the table.

With new forms of partnership at its heart, it prioritised youth, women and underrepresented voices. More than 19 000 change-makers came from all over the world and were joined by 29 million online viewers. We started a movement, the momentum of which will shape our shared future for decades to come. The world identified the most urgent priorities of our time, around which we convened more than 220 events across 10 Theme Weeks and 15 International Days, including the event "Reaching for the stars: Sustainable and climate resilient mountain development" and International Mountain Day 2021. This book reflects and builds on the discussions that happened during the Climate & Biodiversity Week events, which included the specialist platforms listed below.

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Author Expo 2020 Dubai
Publisher Expo 2020 Dubai
Publication year 2022
Language Arabic and English

Themes: BiodiversityClimate changeMountain productsSustainable tourismTraditional knowledge

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