Mustang Declaration on Sustainable Mountain Solutions


On 20-21 September 2022, national governments, international agencies, and Mountain Partnership members joined together in Nepal for the Mustang Advocacy Summit (MAS 2022) to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in mountain regions. The objective of the Summit was to draw attention to the issues and challenges faced by the Himalayan region due to the effects of climate change and shared opportunities. On the last day of the MAS 2022, delegates endorsed the Mustang Declaration. The Declaration notes that Nepal is a member of global and regional mountain initiatives and alliances, such as the Group of Friends of Mountainous Countries, the Mountain Partnership, and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. Furthermore, it notes that Nepal is celebrating the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development 2022 in partnership with several international, intergovernmental, and local organizations.

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Author Government of Nepal Ministry of Forests and Environment
Publication year 2022

Themes: Strategic Initiative on Mountains and Climate Change

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