Rooftop farm at FAO HQ

About the farm 

The terrace at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy is now home to a state of the art rooftop farm. Equipped with sensors for measuring plant productivity and stressors, the rooftop farm is providing critical data for exploring the potential of urban agriculture to alleviate food shortages and meet the needs of the world’s growing population. 

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About the produce 

New season, new story! Coming from around the world, the plant varieties growing in the FAO rooftop farm will change every three months. FAO is donating all of the vegetables produced to local associations. 

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About the partners 

The FAO rooftop farm was made possible thanks to the contribution of NaturaSì, Ecobubble and Sapienza University-Botanical Gardens of Rome, in collaboration with Slow Food and supported by the Italian Development Cooperation and the Mountain Partnership. 

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