FAO in Mozambique

Towards a harmonized national approach to the implementation of Quality Assurance in laboratories in Mozambique

Group Photo ©FAO

15 August 2022, Ponta do Ouro- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), launched a four-day veterinary laboratory management review meeting to produce quality management system documents for the veterinary laboratories in the country. This is to ensure a harmonized national approach to the implementation of Quality Assurance in laboratories, according to the International Organization for Standardization ISO.

The workshop being held in collaboration with the National Institute of Agrarian Investigation (IIAM) and the Animal Science Directorate (DCA), aims at supporting the country to develop QA Management System Documents to grant standard operating procedures ensuring quality policies.

Opening the workshop, Mr. Júlio Manjate, on behalf of the Director of Mozambique Institute of Agrarian Investigation (IIAM), noted that "despite the fact that quality and biosafety actions are being so discussed and valued nowadays, the number of accidents remains quite high. Laboratory and support teams must receive constant and appropriate training on the potential risks associated with the work carried out, with the support of FAO/ECTAD. For a better implementation of quality and biosafety norms, there is a need to prepare biosafety manuals for laboratories within the ISO norms" he said.

In this sense, technical focal points on laboratories in Mozambique will discuss the requirements to ensure a standardized and integrated approach in the implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) in Laboratories and produce the key documents for the implementation at national level.

The workshop is attended by quality assurance focal points in the various departments of the DCA, Quality assurance implementation committee members of the DCA, heads of departments from IIAM and DCA, the head of quality assurance in the Fish Inspection Laboratory (LIP), Technical Director of the DCA, One health Platform in Mozambique, laboratory managers and FAO technical experts.

At the end of the workshop it is expected that working groups provide drafts of the main documents such as the first draft of a laboratory quality assurance manual, first draft of a laboratory biological safety manual, and first draft of a Quality policy statement for the IIAM – DCA and others.

FAO, through USAID funded projects (Mozambique Smallholder production and productivity support project and the Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases- ECTAD) is supporting the IIAM through the Animal Science Directorate (DCA) on Quality Assurance measures and biosafety/biological security systems, improvements in veterinary laboratories; veterinary research, veterinary vaccines production and animal disease diagnosis in the country.