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Listen to the stories of people around the world who are improving their food security - their production, their nutrition, their environment and their lives - together with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Discover new frontiers in sustainability, and why these matter to you, through the challenges and successes of rural communities and fisherfolk, as told in their own voices.

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In April 2021, astronauts travelled to space for six months where they conducted scientific experiments. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet explains how growing food in space can help us to adapt to extreme environmental conditions and ensure future food security on earth.


Who says children shouldn’t play in the kitchen? Cooking healthy food starts young in this Touch Smell Taste cooking class in Rome. The hands-on cooking lab led by Naheda Slayih and supported by volunteers, invites visually impaired children to learn how to become young chefs and have a good time too.


In the Greater Karamoja Cluster, competition over natural resources has led to cattle raids and violent conflicts in recent decades. Now, peace in the region is contributing to more sustainable and resilient food systems.


Water means different things to different people, yet we all depend on water to survive. How can we safeguard it for everyone?


Many residents of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia depend heavily on fish and rice for their livelihoods and have to send their children to work rather than school in order to survive. FAO is working with the government and partners to get children back to school.


Did you know that plants make up 80 percent of the food we eat? Yet, each year we lose up to 40 percent of food crops because of pests and diseases, leaving millions of people without enough food to eat. How can we ensure plant health for our food security?


The rise in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the increasing failure of antibiotics and other life-saving drugs to treat diseases. It's a global problem that threatens to become the next pandemic.


In Tunisia’s Gulf of Gabes, women have long harvested clams to generate an income, however, the seasonal work is often labor intensive and poorly paid. A pilot project supported by FAO, is helping women secure a fairer price for their clams.


Innovators across the globe are coming up with novel ways to harness the ocean’s resources sustainably. Meet Lucy Hughes, inventor of MarinaTex, a bioplastic made from fish waste. 


Smallholder farmers in Montenegro are turning to agritourism to diversify their incomes. The project is having all kinds of positive impacts, especially on young people.