Photography at FAO

FAO’s Photo Unit is responsible for photographic production and distribution of content related to FAO’s work around the world. The Unit also manages a huge library of these compelling images. 
Online photo archive – FAO mediabase
  • The FAO Photo Library manages the FAO mediabase, an online photo archive which offers 100,000 project, event and thematic images, as well as a portion of the Organization’s historical analogue collection shot since FAO’s founding.
  • Register for an account on the FAO mediabase to search, view, create and share lightboxes, and place orders for high resolution photographs relating to FAO’s work.
Photography and Social Media

FAO Flickr accounts are used to disseminate images of FAO events and work in the field.

  • FAO News Flickr provides events-oriented images. Photography uploaded to the account is always professionally shot, and is available for immediate download at high resolution, subject to credit and copyright conditions.
  • FAO of the UN Flickr provides images taken by employees of FAO’s work in the field.
Photo requests
  • The FAO Photo Library is the entry point for journalists, editors and other users who need editorial images or photo stock relating to FAO’s areas of work. Direct requests for photo coverage and photographs can be sent to [email protected]

Tel (+39) 06 570 53399