National Forest Monitoring

NFI eLearning series

To further help countries better prepare for national forest inventories (NFIs), FAO has designed a series of technical elearning modules. Developed by academics and NFI practitioners, these modules serve as a primer describing the key stages of NFIs and basic steps of their implementation, providing tangible examples wherever possible. They have been designed keeping in mind the learning needs of forestry technicians, as well as new generations of foresters and forestry students, who are interested to learn more about the steps involved in an NFI. Lessons will continue to be developed and added to the NFI elearning modules so that they may serve as a living resource.

While they are not in-depth enough to make users NFI experts, the Modules communicate the complexity and common challenges of NFIs and aim to inform countries in planning and implementing NFIs, working off of key guidance from the Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring. The Modules can be explored in sequence or in random order.