National Forest Monitoring

Sharing knowledge and information is a key element of the Ecosystem Restoration community. The platform will improve knowledge sharing, provide access to data and information and link partners to enhance collaborative actions. The FERM will highlight successful restoration projects and programmes for joint learning of all actors at national and subnational levels. The FERM supports everyday actors and citizens to track and monitor contributions to the decade with the idea of building a global movement and creating inertia towards restoring degraded landscapes.

Technology and innovation

The FERM leverages technology and innovation to advance restoration monitoring by people, communities, and countries. Various types of platforms, tools, and approaches tailored for different contexts, landscapes, and ecosystems will be utilized. As an example, for forest and land monitoring, FAO has developed Open Foris, which is being used widely for terrestrial monitoring. SEPAL and Collect Earth are examples of platforms that are in use by countries to monitoring forest and land restoration efforts. SEPAL has also been applied to soil moisture monitoring to measure the progress of peatlands restoration efforts (Press Release).

Recognizing that there are no panacea technological solutions, links to numerous tools developed by Decade partners who engage in the Task Force on Monitoring will be made available to enhance restoration monitoring across ecosystems. Different technological solutions can help to meet the needs of different problem statements across landscapes.

FERM adheres to principles of open data and open-source technical solutions to ensure transparency in the Monitoring Framework, and improved access to data and information between stakeholders. FERM aims to make information on restoration progress easily visible and accessible to a wide audience