National Forest Monitoring

Transforming forest monitoring through innovation: FAO and the NICFI Satellite Data Program


On March 21st, the International Day of Forests celebrated the pivotal role of innovation in transforming forest monitoring. A key aspect of FAO and partner countries’ innovative work is the utilization of Planet's high-resolution satellite imagery through the NICFI Satellite Data Program. This initiative is driving impactful change across diverse landscapes.

Let’s delve into some key statics that underscore the success of the NICFI Satellite Data Program in recent years: 

  • Over 26,000 registered users across 158 countries worldwide.
  • A staggering 280 million tiles streamed for high-resolution tropical forest monitoring. Users are advancing innovations across various fronts, including land use conversion detection and classification, forest area change, and deforestation detection and alerting.
  • 72% of users acknowledge the instrumental role of the NICFI Satellite Data Program in achieving their conservation goals, with 90% expressing willingness to recommend the Program to others.

Furthermore, the FAO statistics reveal:

  • More than 90 million of tiles streamed by FAO, including Open Foris’s Collect Earth and SEPAL. 
  • Approximately 2.3 million daily data tiles streamed.
  • Approximately 7.4 million square kilometers of daily imagery downloaded.

Here are some examples of how FAO is enabling forest monitoring through the NICFI Satellite Data Program in different countries: