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Webinar "United for nature: keeping a close eye on forests in Latin America and the Caribbean"


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in partnership with the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research (INIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), the Forestry Institute of Chile (INFOR), and the European NFI Network (ENFIN), is excited to host the webinar, “United for nature: keeping a close eye on forests in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Date: Thursday, 2nd December 

Time: 15:00 (Rome), 11:00 (Argentina, Chile, Brazil), 09:00 (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru), 08:00 (Honduras, Mexico, Belize) 

Language: Spanish and English

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Attendance: Please note that the webinar has a limit of 500 simultaneous participants.

The event will gather forestry practitioners and experts to discuss the importance of robust and transparent forestry data for effective and evidence-driven policy- and decision-making. At the event, FAO and partners will present a state-of-the-art publication “National forest inventories in Latin America and the Caribbean: Towards the harmonization of forest information” and hold a dynamic discussion around the country examples and the most relevant aspects of this work. The event aims to increase knowledge sharing about the national forest inventory processes and strengthen the NFI network, in order to improve the quality and transparency of forest data and information.

More information about this event is available in English and in Spanish


Agenda and speakers:

Opening remarksMette Loyche Wilkie, Director, FAO Forestry Division

Publications launch: Carla Ramírez Zea, National Forest Monitoring and Inventories Expert, FAO Forestry Division

Forum: Importance of National Forest Inventories in Latin America and the Caribbean, moderated by Iciar Alberdi, Steering Committee member of the European network of National Forest Inventory, ENFIN/INIA-CSIC

  • Luis Meneses Murillo, General Director, CONAFOR - Mexico
  • Fernando Raga Castellanos, Executive Director, INFOR - Chile
  • Silvana Chulde, Director of Forests, MAATE - Ecuador
  • Martín Mónaco, National Director of Forests, MAyDS - Argentina
  • Betina Salgado, NFI Coordinator, ICF – Honduras

Closing remarks: Julian Fox, Team Leader, National Forest Monitoring Team, FAO Forestry Division and Anssi Pekkarinen, Coordinator of the Global Forest Resources Assessment, FAO Forestry Division

ModeratorDavid Morales, Forestry Officer, FAO Forestry Division.


For more information about this event, please contact:

Maryia Kukharava

Outreach and Knowledge Management Expert

REDD+/National Forest Monitoring Cluster

Forestry Division, FAO

[email protected]