National Forest Monitoring

Science and innovation for connecting forests and people


The event showcases the innovative work of FAO and its partners to understand the interlinked challenges facing forests and forest-proximate peoples worldwide. Presentations highlight advances in generating and analyzing forest-related data and information including democratizing access to freely available remote sensing data and computing platforms, improving the sustainability of forest products value chains and using ‘big data’ to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, as well as helping countries to report on the key global commitments (Sustainable Development Goals, UN Global Forest Goals, Paris Agreement, and forest biodiversity and restoration targets). Examples, challenges, and future scenarios are discussed illustrating the transformative impact on people and environment when data and technology are effectively used to support evidence-based decision-making processes. The objective is to disseminate the latest advances in technology for generating and analyzing forest-related data and information, introducing FAO and its partner's work on innovation in digital forest information made available in support of member countries.