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The Agriculture and Land and Water Use Commission provides a forum where Member Countries can exchange information and experience and promote joint programmes in sectors relating to food production, agriculture and land and water use.

Agriculture and Land and Water Use Commission

The Agriculture and Land and Water Use Commission (ALAWUC) was established as a merger of two previous regional commissions for the Near East: The Regional Commission on Agriculture/CoAg (RNEA-708); and The Regional Land and Water Use Commission / LWUC (RNEA-701), following the FAO Council Resolution No.13/97.

The merger was meant to further strengthen the multidisciplinary approach and to promote integrated and comprehensive agricultural and rural development programmes.

What We are Doing

This Commission aims to provide a forum through which Member Countries can exchange information and experience, and promote joint programmes at regional and sub-regional levels. It provides support to the FAO and other potential donors to identify issues, problems and future work programmes in the Region. Support includes technical co-operation to tackle problems related to:

  • Land & water resources inventories for their sustainable utilization and management
  • Land use planning
  • Maintaining and updating regional databases on natural resources
  • Promotion of programmes for food production, plant protection, animal health and livestock production
  • Development of agricultural research systems, and efficient agricultural services to farmers.

Current Members

The present Membership is: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Cyprus, Mauritania, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Working Languages: English and Arabic
Rules of Procedure: General Rules of the Organization.
Pattern of Convening Sessions: Biennial, and held Back-to-Back with the Regional Conference for the Near East (NERC).