FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

The regional commissions are discussion platforms where Member Countries exchange ideas, discuss current issues and share resources to improve specific sectorial fields. There are three regional commissions in the Near East and North Africa:

  • Commission on Agriculture and Land and Water Use
  • Regional Commission for Fisheries
  • Near East Forestry and Range Commission



Regional Commissions

Regional commissions meet every two years and benefit from a specific FAO budget allocation. They are serviced by a Technical Secretary responsible for all operations.

  • Agriculture and Land and Water Use Commission (ALAWUC)
    ALAWUC provides a forum through which Member Countries can exchange information and experience on important issues and concerns relating to agriculture, land and water use. ALAWUC promotes regional and sub-regional cooperation to overcome problems in water resources management, sustainable land use and conservation of the land and water resources in the Region.
  • Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI)
    The mandate of RECOFI is to promote the development, conservation, rational management and best utilization of living marine resources, as well as the sustainable development of aquaculture.
  • Near East Forestry and Range Commission (NEFRC)
    The mandate of NEFRC is to provide a policy and technical forum where  the countries of the Near East can discuss and address forest issues on a regional basis. It advises on the formulation of forest policy and reviews and coordinates policy implementation at the regional level.