FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa


Agriculture and food systems have come under intense pressure over the past decade due to a growing demand for food, coupled with declining agriculture productivity caused by climate change, natural resource degradation and rising prices of fertilizers, seeds and prices.

The Agrination Startup Cup is showing how, through innovation and entrepreneurship, young people across the region are finding ways produce more food with less resources; capture more value locally through downstream agrifood products and services; and promote more healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable consumption.

The Agrination Startup Cup launched its 1st edition last year with ten winning teams receiving high quality incubation and grant prizes of up to $2000 USD. In addition, the top four teams were being sponsored to participate in the Global Agripreneurship Summit taking place this month in Thessaloniki, Greece. The innovative and locally cultivated solutions ranged from rural finance solutions, sustainable fertilizer, digital water management, waste valorization, vertical farming and nutritious and sustainably produced foods.

What you get:

The top 3 winning start-ups will benefit from a customized incubation and mentoring program including support for product testing and market research as well as linkages to new market opportunities, partnerships and funding.

How to apply:

Young men and women with early-stage startups in the field of agrifood and rural development in the NENA region are encouraged to apply for a spot in the 2023 Agrination cohort. Enterprises will be evaluated on the basis of business model viability, innovation, social impact and environmental sustainability.

Apply here: Agrination 2023 - Gust