FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Near East and North Africa Network on Nutrition-sensitive Food System


From Asia to Near East and North Africa: Multistakeholder engagement for transformation of food system to deliver healthy diet and improve nutrition

Current food systems are increasingly challenged to provide adequate, safe, diversified and nutritious foods that are affordable, accessible and available and contribute to healthy diets for all. This requires transforming current food systems, which necessitates  strong engagement and collaboration from all stakeholders. There has been an explicit recognition of the imperative need for better involvement of non-state actors such as the private sector, farmers organizations, academia and research institutions. Many governments now recognize the benefits of robust, multi-stakeholder and multisectoral discussion and, in some cases, collective decision-making in order to achieve sound policies and investment programmes. Governments cannot succeed alone and must rely on combining efforts with the respective contributions of the private sector and other non-state actors by tapping the strengths to reduce poverty, ensure food security and improve nutrition through resilient, inclusive and sustainable transformation of food system.

In the framework of its Regional Network on Nutrition-sensitive Food System, FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa is organizing a regional dialogue on effective multistakeholder coordination on nutrition-related matters, learning from Asia experience on multistakeholder mechanism with the aim to explore similar arrangements for Near East and North Africa. The event will provide an opportunity to exchange of good practices, discuss challenges and issues for engaging various stakeholders, including different roles of stakeholders in transforming food systems to deliver healthy diets and improve nutrition. A panel is arranged comprising of high-level speakers representing farmers organization, representatives of regional and global multistakeholder platform, academe and research institutions.

Tentative agenda:

9 November 2020, 11:00-12:30 (Cairo time)

  • Welcoming remarks: Serge Nakouzi, Deputy Regional Representative for the Near East and North Africa, FAO.
  • Short remark on “Transformation of food system to deliver healthy diet and improve nutrition: multisectoral and multistakeholder collaboration”: Anna Lartey, Director of Food and Nutrition Division, FAO.
  • Short introduction on “Importance of multistakeholder coordination at regional and global levels for transforming food system to promote healthy diet and improve nutrition”: by H.E. Thanawan Tiensin, Chair of Committee of Food Security.
  • Moderated Panel Discussion: by Kayan Jaff, Senior Partnership Officer, FAO.