FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Webinar to raise awareness on basic measures to improve Safety at Sea in small-scale fisheries


Date and Time: 05 July 2021; virtual webinar of 1.5 hours via ZOOM (10:00am-11:30am)

Participants: Directors and Senior Fisheries Officers of Near Eastern and North African countries

Languages: English, Arabic and French (simultaneous interpretation will be provided)



Small-scale fisheries is a harsh and hazardous occupation. Every day hundreds of fishers are injured and more than 80 fishers die while involved in fishing operations. Fishers often work long hours under harsh weather conditions, which increases the likelihood they will experience accidents or injury. Climate change has aggravated the hazardous conditions under which most fishers work, as extreme weather events continue to increase in number and severity, and natural disasters become more prevalent and destructive.

Despite greater awareness and improved practices in some countries, the number of accidents and deaths among fishers has risen with the increase in small-scale fishers worldwide, causing major impacts on families, fishing crews and communities.


Not much is known about accidents in fisheries in the Near East and North Africa. However, given the large number of small-scale fishers, and the fact that most accidents happen among small-scale fishers, it is highly likely that there are also fishing safety challenges in our countries in the region.


The FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa (RNE), in cooperation with the sub regional office in the GCC and Yemen (SNG), the sub regional office in North Africa (SNE) and the Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI), in close collaboration with the FAO Fishing Technology and Operations Team (NFIFO) and the FISH Safety Foundation (FSF) organize a webinar on basic measures to improve Safety at Sea in small-scale fisheries.

This webinar will be followed by training workshop later in the 2021, to train the trainer. These trainers will be nominated from the member countries in the region and they will be entrusted to perform training in their countries.

The objectives of this webinar are:

  1. To increase awareness about the safety problems in small-scale fisheries.
  2. To guide Fisheries Departments on basic measures that can be taken to improve safety in small-scale fisheries
  3. To promote international instruments that contribute to safety in the fisheries sector
  4. To identify safety issues that should be covered in an upcoming Train-the-trainer workshop on safety at sea for small-scale fishers

The webinar will include the following presentations: (1) Introduction to safety at sea in small-scale fisheries; (2) Basic tools to increase personal and vessel safety in small-scale fisheries; (3) International instruments to promote safety at sea in the fisheries sector; (4) Identifying priority safety issues in small-scale fisheries.    


Director Generals, Directors and senior fisheries officers from the Near East and North Africa, are invited to participate in the regional Webinar, to raise awareness on basic measure to improve safety at sea in small-scale fisheries. FAO-Reps will be extending an invitation to designate one or two government officials with relevant to the topic of the webinar.