FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Sub-Regional Workshop on Innovations for the improvement of the IPM FFS programmes in the Maghreb Region


Sub-Regional Workshop on Innovations for the improvement of the IPM FFS programmes in the Maghreb Region
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia joined the Regional IPM programme for the Near East in 2010. In each of the countries FFSs have created a core team. All 3 countries work on tomato, while Algeria and Tunisia have selected citrus as a second crop, Morocco has chosen mint. After three years of FFS implementation, the Project feels that there is a need of a further technical training, using participatory approaches and building on non-formal adult education.

The workshop will provide specific technical expertise on the methodology as well as on some technical subjects related to IPM on tomato and citrus. The working languages of the workshop will be French and Arabic.

The workshop will be an advanced training for the core teams established in the three countries.

  • Analysis of the Current Status of the Programme in the Maghreb Countries - Report of the project activities (and other related ones conducted by other Projects/Institutions) in each respective country – Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Where are we now?
  • Developing Vision and Strategies Beyond the Project – How to continue an IPM FFS programme. How to prepare a work plan based on the strategy developed in place and vision. What innovations in an IPM FFS programme occur in the different countries. Training of facilitators – model for a FFS for facilitators. Priorities and action points for the next years. Assessment of the different steps in the FFS. How to maintain quality FFS in time
  • Practical Field FFS Exercises on IPM, Food Safety (pesticides and their effects on health and environment) and Bio-control on citrus and tomato
  • Discuss possible linkages with Rotterdam Convention on Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations – effects of pesticides on health and environment (A resource person from the Rotterdam Convention will join the workshop for this session).
  • Open discussion and exchange of experiences, strengthening the regional network

The Resource people are:
  • Ms Marjon Fredrix, AGP-Rome, and
  • Mr Ashraf Al Hawamdeh, Dir. of Participatory Extension Unit, NCARE, Jordan

The supervisor is: Mr Alfredo Impiglia, Regional Coordinator of the GTFS/REM/070/ITA Project

Participants: 5 people / country of the core teams of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (including the NPD);