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FAO: More Green Egypt for the future generations

New Urban Communities Authorities and FAO celebrate the International Day of Forests

@fao rne FAO's officials with officials from NUCA during the IDF celebration

March 22, 2016/Cairo--On the occasion of the International Day of Forests; under the auspices of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization in collaboration with Central Unit for Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy today organized a  tree planting event. Representatives from FAO,  New Urban Communities Authority and volunteers planted 70 trees in 6th of October area at the Giza Governorate.

Engineer Essam Bedoui, Head of 6th of October City Development Authority, praised FAO efforts and its fruitful cooperation with the authorities  in improving the environment and supporting the New Urban Communities to help green the city.

“As part of our efforts to increase the green space in 6th of October City, we have launched 6 irrigation tenders to make use of the treated waste water,  which provides huge potential for irrigation, agriculture and cultivation new green areas.”  Engineer Essam Bedoui, Head of 6th of October City Development Authority announced.

During the event Mr. Nabil Gangi, Senior Adviser to FAO Regional Representative declared that the planting of the 70 trees is part of FAO efforts to commemorate the International Day of Forests, that raises awareness on the critical role forests and trees play in mitigating the effect of  climate change, pollution and water scarcity.

“Trees play a vital role in the sustainable management of water resources, especially  when there is an integrated approach to the use of natural resources and the preservation of fresh water,” Mr. Gangi said. “It’s worth mentioning that the international community committed themselves to the Sustainable Development Goal 15 “Life on land”, that entails Forests that make vital contributions to ecological system and provide contribution to decent livelihoods for millions”. He added.  

Speaking about the opportunities in Egypt, Mr. Gangi said that with the development of the new cities, Egypt has a great potential to increase the green areas,  that plays a significant role in  providing clean air and water; conserving biodiversity; mitigating climate change; and absorbing significant amounts of carbon emissions.

Adam Abdel Hamied,  FAO Regional Forestry Expert praised Egypt’s efforts in using the Grey water aiming to transforming areas with scarcities to green areas, that helps a lot in minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide that increase the temperature. Speaking about opportunities, Egypt has a great opportunity to increase its tree cover more than 1% and making the country more greener for the benefit of the new generations.

“We at the New Urban Communities Authority in collaboration with FAO and 6th of October Authority decided to commemorate and celebrate the International Day of Forests by planting 70 tress at 26 July axis to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; improve the environment; and increase adumbration in these cities,” Dr. Hend Farouh, Executive Director Central Unit for Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy at the NUCA said. “This event is part of the unit’s initiative and effort to promote the usage of the treated waste water, which we began applying in the agriculture in the new cities as 6th of October, El Sadat and  El Shiekh Zayed. In addition these days we are currently building 10 unites in the schools of the new Cities.” She added.

Speaking at the event; Engineer Hatem Mahmoud, Head of Environmental Department at the NUCA said “ The New Urban Communities Authorities in collaboration with FAO celebrated the International Day of Forests with this initiative to encourage the citizens and youth to create more green areas in the new cities.”